Born in 1869

Dr. Brown’s® soda is one of the oldest soda brands in North America. Dr. Brown’s humble origins began in New York City even before the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Hotel Astor or Central Park Carousel became landmarks of the city we love.

Once sold door-to-door by salesmen, today Dr. Brown’s is adored from coast to coast and across the globe.

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It all began with Cel‑Ray, a first of its kind...

Sweetened celery seed infused sparkling drink was introduced in the Lower East Side and quickly gained a strong following who adored the fizz of carbonization and its unique balance of sweet with a dry finish.

In the early days, Dr. Brown’s was becoming ubiquitous with the region’s growing deli culture and in order to satisfy the local’s expanding appetite for experiencing new, innovative flavors, we unveiled several new treats – including The Original Cream Soda and Flavor Favorite, Black Cherry Soda.

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Today, we continue to...

Carefully adhere to all the marvelous attributes that made Dr. Brown’s one of America’s most iconic drinks. We’re honored to be a staple of the authentic New York experience, whether you’re a local, visiting or, imbibing abroad – L’chaim!

Thank you for visiting us. We appreciate your affection for Dr. Brown’s – a Flavor Favorite for Generations™ – imported from the old neighborhood.

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